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Media funding is a flexible and dedicated short-term, repeatable credit line to fund your marketing and advertising campaigns. With this funding you can expand your market reach, promote a new product launch, or drive new customer acquisition.

For many advertising campaigns, especially direct response and DTC products, an inherent delay is created between campaign expenditures and actual credit card receipts. Because this funding gap can average three to six weeks, many businesses reduce marketing to fund operations, but that compresses growth. Media funding bridges that gap so business can accelerate growth faster.

For other businesses, aggressive acceleration of growth is the number one objective. And media funding can provide advertising funds far in excess of a business’s currently available resources. And without the equity dilution associated with traditional growth capital.

Package Delivery


Media funding is an advance to pay for advertising and market campaigns and are secured primarily by the sales revenue of the marketing project. Because the funding is conditioned through campaign performance, which can vary based on industry or product, repayment terms can range from a few weeks to a few months.

Additional media funding collateral options include large credit card reserves held by your merchant processor, an active customer database for membership or subscription based sales, a high-cost product paid in installments as well as website publishers monetized using Google Ad sources.

There are no initial funding minimums. Maximums are based on the campaigns current strength, past spending history, available inventory and order fulfillment/customer service capacity. Upon receipt of the application documentation, actual funding can take place in five to fourteen days.

The media funding agreement can be terminated by the client after providing 30 days’ notice provided all funding is repaid.


MediaScale Partners’ engagements include a variety of entities and businesses.  And although we routinely engage directly with individual businesses seeking media funding, we also engage with a range of intermediaries and umbrella organizations.  These organizations often maintain client, affiliated or portfolio businesses that can benefit from a larger more structured level of media funding.  These organizations include:

Private Equity Funds

Franchise Organizations

Advertising Agencies

Direct Selling Companies

Marketing Companies

Restructuring Companies



MediaScale Partners is comprised of a team of successful private equity investors, serial entrepreneurs, and uber experienced media funding professionals. Our team’s unique nexus is our passion and experience finding great companies that are poised for significant growth through well funded media campaigns.

And with this depth of experience we bring much more to the table than just facilitating media funding. Our role often includes client consultation, relationship development and vendor introductions. In short, we have a vested interest in your business success and make our experience and resources available to you throughout the entire process.

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